Purple Finches T-shirt


Purple 100% cotton t-shirt. Women’s sizes only.


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Adapt or face extinction! Evolution may be controversial, but creationists can’t deny the awesomeness of this graphic tee. Whether your beak has evolved for eating nuts, fruits, or seeds, this shirt is sure to put you forever at the cusp of fashion’s natural selection.

This lovely t-shirt’s design was compiled from Charles Darwin’s Finch Drawings of birds while observing natural selection on the Galápagos Islands. The illustrations contain 5 different sketches of the bird’s beak, its habitat, and food source. The finches in this t-shirt graphic are thought to have helped catalyze Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and stir up controversy.

This variation of a popular design was created exclusively for us that includes the title,”Darwin’s Finches” and his signature, “ibelievescience.net” on one sleeve and “richarddawkins.net” on the other sleeve. Made of 100% fine jersey cotton.

This shirt runs very small.  A 2XL is about the same size as a men’s M.

Measuring across the chest:

Medium – 16″
Large – 17″
X-Large – 18″


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Weight N/A

Medium, Large, XLarge

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