Battling Bias in Scientific Communication | Troy Campbell

Featuring: Troy Campbell · At: CSICon 2018 ·

What are the underlying forces that drive biases around science and how can we fight against them?

This talk will explore:
Why We Actually Change – :10
Limits of Rhetoric – 3:20
Tools for Change – 3:59
Solution Aversion – 7:00
Implication Management – 11:15
Flight From Facts – 13:05
Power of Social Comparison – 17:28
Lies As Team Signals – 20:39
Being Ignored Feels Like Being Hated – 21:14
Start With Care – 23:02
Time for the Middle Finger – 24:28
Recruiting for Team Science – 26:30

Troy Campbell is an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Oregon, a design psychologist, and a former Disney Imagineer. He develops psychological theories to design better ways to overcome bias, create great experiences, improve well-being, and communicate ideas, stories, and science.

This talk took place at the CSICon 2018 in Las Vegas on October 20, 2018