Believe It or Not

Can We Always Make a Choice?

Featuring: James Alcock · At: CSICon 2016 · Topic(s): ,

Dr. James Alcock discussed how humans have evolved to make associations between things that have no relationship. Consider for example how prayer gets associated with events in the real world. Critical thinking is actually one of the last intellectual skills human children develop.

Dr. James Alcock is Professor of Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is a Fellow and Member of the Executive Council of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and a member of the Editorial Board of The Skeptical Inquirer, In May 2004, CSICOP awarded him its In Praise of Reason Award. In the area of parapsychology and critical thinking, he has authored seven book chapters, and numerous articles, co-edited Psi wars, and published two books, Parapsychology: Science or Magic? and Science and Supernature. He has also co-authored two social psychology textbooks and is currently completing a book manuscript on the psychology of belief. He is an amateur magician and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

This lecture took place at CSICon Las Vegas on Friday, October 28th, 2016.