A Conversation with James Randi

Featuring: James Randi, Kendrick Frazier · At: CSICon 2016 · Topic(s): , ,

In a “fireside chat” with Skeptical Inquirer editor Kendrick Frazier, James Randi recalls how he had been approached as a possible leader of a group that would later become CSI and CFI. The 88-year old mentalist also shares his thoughts on Isaac Asimov, Johnny Carson, Carl Sagan, and other influential figures in the skeptic movement.

James Randi, began his career as a stage magician and escape artist. However, he achieved fame as a professional skeptic, publicly disproving the claims of self-described psychics, mentalists and faith healers, most notably the paranormalist Uri Geller and the TV evangelist Peter Popoff. He has also written numerous books about supernatural frauds. He is one of the founders of The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), – now CSI – and The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF).

This conversation took place as CSICon Las Vegas on Sunday, October 29th, 2016.