Getting the Chemistry Right | Joe Schwarz

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Plastic in the microwave releases dioxins. Ice cream contains beaver butt extract. Margarine is one molecule away from plastic. GM corn is tainted with Agent Orange. Radiesthetic colors cure disease. Alkaline water fights cancer. Alpha Spin fully optimizes the body’s molecular functions via resonance. Chemicals in non-stick pans are linked to smaller penises. Just a few examples of the chemical wisdom that permeates the media, regularly spewed out by self-declared sages. The problem is that they get the chemistry all wrong. It’s time to get it right.

Joe Schwarcz is Director of McGill University’s “Office for Science and Society” which has the mission of separating sense from nonsense. He is the recipient of numerous awards for teaching chemistry and for interpreting science for the public. “Dr. Joe” has hosted a radio show on science for forty years, has appeared hundreds of times on television, writes a regular newspaper column and is the author of eighteen best-sellers. He has been awarded honorary degrees by Athabasca University, Cape Breton University, the University of Windsor and Simon Fraser University. Professor Schwarcz is also an amateur magician and often spices up his presentations with a little magic.

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This talk took place at the CSICon 2019 in Las Vegas on October 19, 2019.

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