Guerrilla Skepticism On Wikipedia

Featuring: Susan Gerbic · At: CSICon 2017 · Topic(s): ,

Did you support the March for Science? Discover what you can do next in the fight for science through improving scientifically incorrect Wikipedia articles.
Susan Gerbic shows you why the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW) project is so important to science and skepticism.

The Guerrilla Skepticism On Wikipedia Project has fixed hundreds of Wikipedia pages, including Spontaneous Human Combustion, Facilitated Communication, Perry DeAngelis, Genetic Literacy Project, Joe Nickell, David Gorski, Eugenie Scott and more.
GSoW works to support the people and organizations that do the research, write the books, organize the conferences and take the heat from the anti-science and paranormal world. GSoW gives them the best possible Wikipedia pages possible while following all the rules of Wikipedia.

Susan Gerbic is the co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics and founder of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW) project. You can contact her at or on twitter:

This talk took place at CSICon in Las Vegas, on Friday October 27th, 2017