Junk News as Science | David Mikkelson

Featuring: David Mikkelson · At: CSICon 2019 · Topic(s): , ,

David Mikkelson is the founder and CEO of Snopes.com, the oldest and most respected fact-checking site online. This talk is an overview of the different ways in which forms of junk news and misinformation are propagated as being science-based and what that means for the people who consume that kind of news.

Mikkelson founded the site in 1994 and today the site receives over 20 million unique monthly visitors. Mikkelson speaks worldwide about combating “fake news” and the rise of the digital age and its impact on investigative journalism. Managing everything from researching and writing articles about urban legends to overseeing the site’s technical infrastructure, Mikkelson made Snopes.com the go-to place for Internet users to query the veracity of anything questionable they encountered online. www.davidmikkelson.com

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This talk took place at the CSICon 2019 in Las Vegas on October 18, 2019.

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