Myths and Secrets of the Colosseum

Featuring: Massimo Polidoro · At: CSICon 2017 · Topic(s): , , ,

Rome’s Colosseum is the second most visited monument in the world and we think we know everything about it. That’s not so.

Massimo Polidoro’s research will bring us back in time to the Roman Empire, to “see” what actually happened in the bloodiest place the Earth ever knew.

Massimo Polidoro is a writer and an internationally recognized “mystery detective.” He began his career as James Randi’s apprentice and is the co-founder and head of the Italian skeptics group CICAP. He is a TV personality in Italy, a research fellow for CSI, and a longtime columnist for its magazine, the Skeptical Inquirer. He is currently working on The “Amazing” Randi biography.

This talk took place at CSICon Las Vegas on October 2017.