Planting More Seeds Than Flags

Featuring: Ross Blocher · At: CSICon 2017 · Topic(s): , , , ,

After more than six years of joining religions, getting kicked out of religions, undergoing alternative medical treatments, consulting spiritualists and consorting with conspiracy theorists for the podcast “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!”, Ross Blocher and his co-host Carrie Poppy have heard it all. Or at least, quite a bit of it. There’s always more. From personal experience, Ross will share successes and failures in interacting with believers of all stripes, and present the benefits of playing the long game – prioritizing friendship and acceptance, and being willing to absorb a bit of dumb from time to time.

Ross Blocher emerged from a childhood of Bible memorization, literal Creationism, and numerous books about ghosts and aliens as an adult with a keen interest in belief and the paranormal. Along with his co-host Carrie Poppy, Ross investigates fringe science, spirituality and all manner of extraordinary claims first-hand for the podcast “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” He is also a decade-long member of the Independent Investigation Group, helping design and administer challenges to test extraordinary claims for a $100,000 prize. By day, Ross works in animation, one of his other passions.

This talk took place at CSICon Las Vegas on Saturday, October 28th, 2017.