The Bloody Work of “Naturopathic Doctors”

Featuring: Britt Hermes · At: CSICon 2017 · Topic(s): , ,

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are actively lobbying for state licensure and broad scopes of practice that would allow them to practice like medical doctors, despite not having completed legitimate medical training. NDs argue that regulating their field ensures public safety. In reality, licensed naturopathic doctors are far more dangerous than their unlicensed counterparts. Join former naturopathic doctor Britt Hermes for a spooky presentation about the ways NDs are experimenting on patients, often with their blood, and getting away with it. Prepare to be horrified!

Britt Hermes is a writer, scientist, and former naturopathic doctor. She practiced as a licensed naturopath in the United States for three years and then left the profession after realizing naturopathy is a pseudoscientific ideology. She now writes to expose issues with naturopathy, the current rising profession in alternative medicine. Britt’s writings can be found at Forbes, Science 2.0, KevinMD, and Science-Based Medicine.

This talk took place at CSICon 2017 in Las Vegas on Friday, October 27th.