CFI Definitions

The Center for Inquiry is an authoritative and credible voice that defends the scientific outlook in examining religion, humanistic values, and the borderlands of science. 

CFI defends these values through education, research, publishing, and social outreach initiatives. Our members and volunteers are committed in the examination of ancient mythological narratives of the past while protecting non-religious identities and ethical values. That’s who CFI is and that’s what we most strongly believe in.

If you’re interested in joining the many others in the fight but find you don’t know what some of the terms used in the community mean, CFI has you covered. The Center for Inquiry has created a set of definitive definitions to help explain who we are.


Want to know more about atheism?

Atheism is the lack of belief in a god or gods. Atheism indicates what someone does not believe. It says nothing about what someone does believe.

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Secular can mean something that doesn’t have any affiliation with religion. Secularism does not refer to opposition to religion. The secular community applies to people who live without religion, particularly those who define themselves as atheists, humanist, or similar groups.

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Want to know more about secular humanism?

Secular humanism is a nonreligious worldview rooted in science, philosophical naturalism (rather than supernaturalism), and humanist ethics.

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What is Skepticism?

Are you a skeptic and want to know more about skepticism? Do you just want to have a better understanding of skepticism?

Skepticism is a way of thinking that allows us to welcome new ideas and yet cautions us to analyze them critically. It’s an attitude that allows us to navigate, to the best of our abilities, the murky divide between sense and nonsense, science and pseudoscience.

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